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About Me:


With 14 years of experience in the helping profession, Decontee is an expert in guiding individuals to find the tools they need to empower themselves, unapologetically turn their pasion into profit, and live a fulfilling and exciting life where they are taking charge of their destiny. She believes that in most situation, the answers are within you, and she can help you pull them out.  Decontee emphasizes her three steps method of self-care to her clients which has transformed many of their lives.  


When her husband, Patrick Sawyer, became the first American to die from the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) during his travel from Liberia to Nigeria for an ECOWAS conference, Decontee, sudenly a widow with three little daughters, founded Kofa Foundation and became the international voice of victims of Ebola everywhere.  Under her leadership and refusal to drown in grieve, Kofa Foundation join the quest to eradicate Ebola. Decontee also led a campaign to bring more awareness to the Ebola epedemic, and reached out to individuals and families like herself who had lost their loved ones due to the virus.  



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